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General About Bali

Bali island is also famous as "The Island Of Gods" or the other designation of " The Island with a thousand temples". Balinese daily life was marked by religious rituals and traditions are still upheld. Bali lies between Java and Lombok Island. Denpasar is the capital of his province, which lies on the southern island. The majority of the population of Bali is Hindu. In the world, Bali is known as a tourist destination with a unique variety of art-culture, especially for the Japanese and Australian tourists. Since the acquisition by the Dutch, Bali seemed wide open for visits of strangers. Bali is not just the arrival of foreigners as travelers but not a few scholars and cultural aspirant who come to record the uniqueness of Balinese culture and art. From the aspirant culture consisting of letters, writers, and this is the uniqueness of Balinese painters more spread internationally. Submission of information through various media by a stranger was able to attract travelers to visit Bali. Admiration will arouse interest in the land of Bali and the stanger gives the title to Bali. The Island of the Gods, The Island of Paradise, the Island of thousand Temples, The Morning of the World at various other honors name.

Controlling these rapid developments, the Regional Government of Bali and then set the 15 regions in Bali as a tourist residential area following its supporting facilities such as restaurants and shopping centers. Up to now, Bali has already more than 35,000 hotel rooms consisting of classes Cottage Tour, standard hotel, up 5 Stars. Facility hotels are appearing in various forms ranging from house model, standard hotels, villas, bungalows, and boutique hotels with price variation. This diversity gives more value to Bali because it offers many options to travelers As a result of the development of tourist visits, various supporting facilities such as restaurants, art shops, art market, entertainment, and recreation is growing fast in residential centers or tourist attractions in the region. The travelers who visited Bali, finally has many options to enjoy their holiday in Bali. **sources : Wikipedia,, Bali provincial government official website

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