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The Best Location Of Bali To Visit part 1

The most interesting places that have a lot of visitor from local or foreign country in Bali are Kuta & Legian area,Seminyak, Nusa Dua area, Sanur area, Lovina, Ubud, Candidasa & Amed.

As Bali Island well known as an island of the God, Thousand of Temple or Heaven Island and a lot of name given by people in the world who have ever been in Bali. Bali Island is strategically located in the tropical situation and the geographically of this island is consisted of mountain, valley, lake, flat area and beautiful white sandy beach and warms blue seawater.
Bali Island is landscape panorama from the top hill down to the sea.
Know better about some places of interest as below :
Kuta & Legian

Kuta & Legian are busy mass tourism areas generally for the middle budget tourist. As the area is open to the Balinese, there are some notably good restaurand and shops, although much is about being loud while devouring beer & chips.
Several department and retails stores offer a good selection of goods at low prices for those who need their retail therapy, however much is about rip-off fakes Indonesian/Balinese "art".
The golden sand beach is sensational but the waters are mostly very dangerous for anyone who is not a very strong swimmer.

Sanur is generally a middle budget tourism area which straddles a long road lined with shops. restaurants and bars. Less build up and in some ways a little more apmarket than Kuta/Legian but without the range and even quality of places to shop, eat & drink.
The beach generally very poor quality and a haven for persistent "hawkers"(sellers) who absolutely will not leave you alone.
One part of the beach is a haven for young rent girls with their "mama" on offer to wealthy tourists at the so called "prestigious" beach resort.

Ubud Area

Something for everyone including authentic Balines culture and art, but without a beach. Ubud has everything from backpacker homestays to luxury resort, though some of the later are at odds with the local populous. Almost nightly cultural performances and some excellent restaurant, a plethora of art with some actually worthwhile and at good prices.
A few hawkers but generally not so aggressive and no drug/sex seller to speak of.
A generally very laid back & friendly atmosphere, a change to get to know real Balinese

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