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The Best Location Of Bali To Visit, Part 2

The other parts of Bali that the best to visit besides Kuta/Legian, Sanur or Ubud as below :
Nusa Dua
Nusa Dua is a mass tourism enclave which is about as Balinese as Mc Donalds. The Balinese are actually restricted from entering Nusa Dua including the beaches, which are meant to be public by law.
Most of the hotels are managed by Western hotel groups but owned in part of full by members of the Suharto family via anonymous Jakarta based proxy companies.
Seminyak to Canggu

In this areas, lots of designer (often legal) villas, bespoke luxury resort and lauded retaurants. A bit remote for many given the number of neighbors hardly makes Seminyak a " Balinese get away from it all" any longer.
Where Seminyak adjoins Legian, there is some shopping and other tourist facilities, otherwise an over-developed green zone which has lost its sparkle.
Great beach but highly dangerous waves and rip tides makes walking a pleasure, swimming suicidal.

Tanjung Benoa

On the peninsula up from Nusa Dua, what used to be a fishing village but has now given over to hotels and water sport while still retaining some Balinese authenticity. A long strip of often seriously eroded coastline, due to the fact they stripped the sea of the coral reefs for cement to build hotels only to see the sand wash away a resuld. Not a bad place to come and relax by the beach.

Candidasa is an area of small villages collectively known as Candidasa. Favored by those who want to avoid the excesses of Kuta, the corporate generic nature of Nusa Dua and the hawkers of Sanur & Lovina.
Some Shooping and smattering of restaurants mean guests are not totally beholden to their chosen hotel. Most of the cheap beachfront bungalow operations have now been bought out by group hoteliers, so it has lost its once unique status.


Amed is actually comprised of a number of villages on the Eastern coast of Bali. Once a destination for hippies and backpackers eager for the delights of a thatched bungalow in Bali's hottest (temperature wise) area, now home to a large of often exceptionally goog low to middle price range number of bespoke hotels & villas.
Very little to do besides relax, dive & snorkel, the land here very poor which means there are very few palm trees to shade the ground from the scorching sun.

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