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Activities That You Can Do During Stay in Bali

So many interesting activities that you can do during your visit in Island of Bali that will unforgettable.
Some of the activities in Bali as below :

Joint With Popular Bali Tour
A full list of the most populer Bali Tours, ranging from volcano tours to handicraft tour. For example Fullday Tour Kintamani & Half day Tour Ubud.
Balinese Dances
Balines Dances are vivid and stylized performances. Most Balinese dances are dramatizations of stories and legends from the Hindu "Ramayana" and "Mahabrata" or Balinese historical evens.
For the example : Performance Monkey dance, Legong Dance, Kecak Dance, Barong & Kris dance etc.

Adventure Tours
Every populer adventure tours can be found in Bali. Anventure sports activities have become increasingly populer in Bali in recent years, and many of these are also ideal for children. Anyone seven years of age and older can raft along the Ayung River, a two-hour journey through rain forests and rice terraces along a churning white water course thet tumbles down 25 rapids. Mountain bike excurtion (including a volcano trip), jungle trek and open-ocean kayak journeys are offered by the same adventure outfitters. Another adrenaline pumper is bungee jumping on the beach at Kuta .
White water rafting take an adreanalin charged ride down one of Bali's whitewater mountain rivers on an inflatable raft.
Bali Scuba Diving, Bali is home to some stunning reefs with spectacular visibility, Dive shops offer a multitude of courses, mostly PADI certified. Open Water Diver is ideal for those with no experience who want to see the spectacle of underwater habitats for the first time.
And there are many other adventure tours like water sport activities (Banana boat, speedboat, ocean rafting, parasailing, surfing etc).

Spa Package
Bali is a haven for relaxation, rejuvenation and regeneration. No trip would be complete without a Balinese massage, a perfect way to spend the day after a week of activity.

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